Web Design

Modern websites for the 21st Century

Do you want a new modern website for your church?

Today most people find a church through searching on the internet, if you are not there or have an old outdated shabby website, it is a major put off. Your website is a reflection of your church and should be to the standard of excellence you use for everything else.

You need a website!

In the past churches added websites, but didn’t really understand the importance of it. Today your website can have all the information anyone is searching for and display it in a relevant and smart looking and interactive way. Using video and audio and photos, prospective visitors can get a feel of what your church is like before walking in the door. This helps newcomers to feel more comfortable, as they already have an expectation of what to expect and who is who on your staff.

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Responsive Design

With responsive design, your site works on all devices and screens. Since the majority of people now access a website on a mobile device, this is important.

Wordpress themes

Wordpress is a popular content management system, which allows easy access to the website's content and can be updated easily. With Wordpress' plug-in features the posibilities are endless.

Hosting and Management

As well as designing your website, we will also host it for you and manage it.


We will provide support and tutoring. If you have a problem, call us.


Maximising site visability, for the maximum response.

Picture of Chris Cattell

Christopher J Cattell

I published my first website in 2003, it was for my local church, it started off as a single page. 10 years later it is a fully responsive database driven website that is updated weekly with new content.

In 2009 I went freelance and built websites for several small businesses. I did this until 2012 when personal circumstances caused me to cease trading.

In 2018 I have started trading again and providing modern, stylish websites for small business and charitable organisations.

So why CJC web design?

There are companies out there that offer church websites, but they use templates and charge more for making it more bespoke. Why pay more for a website that will look like others when you can have a bespoke website designed to your requirements? Your bespoke website can reflect truly who your church are and who you represent, Jesus Christ our King.

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Packages available

  • Basic

  • Responsive mobile first landing page
  • A domain name
  • Email addresses

From £200

  • Advanced

  • Responsive homepage
  • Content management system
  • A domain name
  • Email addresses
  • User control
  • Media uploads
  • User training

From £400

Which package should you pick?

The basic package is for anyone who wants a brochure type webpage that doesn't change often. The advanced package offers a database driven content management system, which allows for multiple users and the ability to edit, create or delete pages and sections. It also allows user control and uploads of media. This is ideal for anyone who is constantly updating their content e.g. churches who post a new sermon every week.

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The process

During this stage, we will meet you and discuss your requirements and work out the best package to suit them and your budget.

Initial consultation

This stage we will plan the positioning of all the website content and design the layout.


This stage will include the final look and feel of the website and the coding.


At this stage we discuss any changes that need to be made before final launch.


Your new website goes live.



Contact me

Contact me via Facebook messenger bellow or by phone on: 07922105650

or email info@cjcwebdesign.co.uk